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HPV Dating and Healthy Relationships

hpv datingAffecting the genital area of a victim while putting them at a risk of developing genital warts, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a known disease that hinders many people from being a relationship with the opposite sex. Showing no symptom at all, this deadly sexually transmitted disease cannot be fully prevented by using condoms, as the virus may be present on skin surrounding the genitals. Known to affect mostly women, there is no cure for it. However, the good news is the infection normally clears on its own. If it doesn’t, and treatment is necessary, there are a couple of treatment options.

Having HPV doesn’t mean you are destined to walk the earth alone and depressed. You are entitled to be in a romantic love relationship with someone you love  You can date whoever you like as long as you observe a few rules of engagement.

The following is a basic HPV dating guide that should help you out in your dating quest.

  1. Disclose Your Condition to Your Partner

    Just as HIV dating, HPV dating rule number one is to inform your partner about your condition before getting into a serious commitment. Being honest with both yourself and your partner will be of a lot of help if at all you wish to have a successful relationship. Failure to do so means putting your partner’s health at risk and you are possibly committing an offense.

  2. Seek Medical Assistance

    Although there is no actual cure for HPV, the condition can be effectively managed and prevented from completely damaging the affected area. Your healthcare provider may recommend treatment options for dealing with it, from freezing to using creams. HPV is not something you want to ignore neither is it something you can treat at home. The problem with most victims is they are too afraid or embarrassed to speak up even to their physicians, ending up succumbing to something more serious. Do not be afraid or embarrassed; your doctor will not judge you because of your condition. Talk to them about it so they can see how to help you out before the matter can get out of control.

  3. Avoid Unprotected Sex

    Although HPV may not be fully prevented by using a condom, there is a slim chance that allowing use of condom may help protect the other party from getting infected. Research shows that condom may stop the spread of the virus to a certain extent especially during the early stages of infection. And if you are practicing oral sex, let your partner use a dental dam to also help minimize the spread of HPV.

  4. Seek Online Assistance

    There are lots of websites just like this one for individuals who are suffering from HPV. On these sites, you can get honest, nonjudgmental advice from individuals who are in the same boat. They may give you some helpful counsel regarding how to deal with the condition as well as how to date when you have it. Although the society seems to judge people with STDs, that isn’t the case with the online realm. Here you can anonymously seek assistance, advice, as well as support from your counterparts who are also dealing with the same issues you are.

Anti Ligature products For Mental Health Facilities.

anti_ligature_lcd_enclosureAnti ligature TV enclosures are becoming an essential part of any mental health facility, being specified by architects along with anti ligature door knobs and hinges, ensuring the patients are protected at all times.

Designing the perfect mental health room.

Most mental health hospitals appoint an architect to design the facility when they are building a new facility for patients, this is when everything including anti ligature furniture is specified. These architects are specialized in designing behavioural rooms in mental health hospitals and as part of their brief they include:
• Anti ligature door knobs
• Hinges
• Toilets
• Beds
• Curtain rails
• And not forgetting anti ligature TV enclosures

Anti ligature product design.

The design of each item from the hinges to the TV enclosures have passed stringent testing with the US Federal Mental Health Department and are designed in such a way that no material can be formed around the items to create a ligature point.
In the design of the door knobs, the handle is tapered, to any material will slip off when force is applied.

Anti ligature TV enclosure.

Yet the anti ligature TV enclosure solutions has a dual solution, they prevent unauthorized access to the TV’s, so no one can loop material around the mounting bracket and the housing has the only 4 sloping sided design (International patent pending), again preventing any looping of material around the protective housing.
Then the viewing window (1/4” thick) can withstand all impacts from chairs being thrown at it, this is another major factor as this prevents patients from smashing the screen and using the broken screen as a weapon on nursing staff or other patients.
With the protective case being made from sheet steel, it’s rather robust especially with the high security locks fitted. These locks are the only ones in the anti ligature industry that cannot be opened with very basic tools, that a patient can acquire in a mental health facility.

Anti ligature furniture.

Usually furniture for a mental health facility is assembled with special screws and will stand most abuse. In all cases, the beds are fixed securely to the floor, preventing them being turned on their end and used as gallows.

Anti ligature curtain rails.

These function as normal curtain rails, however when a set force is applied, the rail disengages from the track preventing anyone from harming themselves on the curtain rail.

Duty of care in mental health facilities.

Everyone working in this environment has a duty of care to protect these vulnerable patients with broken minds. We have to ensure their environment is as safe as possible without putting them at risk.
This duty of care, also applies to the health care professionals, as they need to have a safe work environment, in which they can care for their patients and not have to worry about any harm coming to them during their working day.

Anti ligature products and all mental health facilities go hand in hand to protect both mental health care professionals and staff. Without these products we are doing both the staff and patients a dis-service and not enforcing our duty of care.

Tips for Looking After Your Mental Health

mental-health-and-wellbeingIt’s important to keep a good mental health, as this will definitely help you on the long run, to have a better and healthier life. Everything important is guarded, run and analyzed by your mind, so you need to keep it at its best health level, to make sure you will always have the support that you need.

Even if you don’t realize the importance of this process, it’s important to start as early as you can to take care of your mental health. It’s easy and it’s efficient and it can definitely offer you more benefits in time.

Making some simple changes doesn’t cost you a fortune and it sure doesn’t take up a lot of your time. Anyone can man-afraidfollow this simple advice, so here it is.

Talking Can Help

It’s not a good thing to keep it all to yourself. Share your feelings with others and talk about what you feel. This can help you stay in a good mental health, and it will surely help you when you go through a troubled period of time. This is part of the simple process to take charge of your life and to do what you can to stay healthy.

People are not made to stay silent about how they feel, and usually a conversation with a friend with whom you can share what you go through, can definitely help on on the long run.

Eating Well

mental HealthSome people eat to live, while others live to eat. Depending on your choices, you can be either one of them. However, it was discovered that those who take pleasure in eating a good food are part of the second section of people.

Some foods have instant effect on your body, like the sugar and the caffeine that helps you stay awake and give you energy. However, taking on a healthy diet will definitely help you improve your mood and your overall health, starting with your mental health.

Keeping in Touch

Surround yourself with friends and family. This will help you feel cared for and included, and it’s good to organize meetings and activities together. This will also help you see things differently from your own point of view, offering you different perspectives. Being surrounded by friends and family will keep you grounded, active and it will help you in solving different practical problems.

Taking a Break

healthythinking_new-500x500Every once in a while, it’s important to take a break from everyday activities like the job or other problems. This will let you clear your mind and relax, allowing you to find solutions to your possible problems or simply doing nothing.

Taking a break will offer you a change of scenery, which will do wonders for your mental health. Simply a half of hour doing something that you like will definitely improve your mood and charge your batteries.

Accepting Yourself

opDon’t try to be someone who you are not and don’t try to change yourself to please the rest of the people. It’s important to accept who you are, as this is the first step for gaining the acceptance of others. Everyone is different, and you don’t have to be ashamed of who you are. You may know how to make people laugh, you may be good at math or you may have a gift for creating beautiful art pieces.

No matter what you do, accept who you are and cherish yourself. This will definitely help your mental state.

All these are simple mental health tips, which will definitely help you have a happier life. On the long term, this will help you also have a longer life, which is extremely important for your overall health levels.

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